WHO/European eHealth Consumer Trends Survey

This project focuses on the "new patients or consumers" and the digital divide in Europe. The aim of the project is to investigate European health consumer's use of, their attitudes to and their desires with regards to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for health purposes, eHealth.

The project has established a European-level survey on eHealth consumer trends. The survey has been conducted twice in seven European countries. NST is the co-ordinator of the project which is supported by the European Commission, DG Sanco

The project periode was 1 June 2005 through 31 May 2008.

Research articles

The recent joint paper from the project "eHealth Trends in Europe 2005-2007: A Population-Based Survey" was published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research Vol 10 2008 . The last joint paper "European citizen's use of E-health services: A study of seven countries" (Hege Andreassen et al) was published in the BMC Public Health Journal in April 2007. The articles cover the results of the surveys, conducted in 2005 and 2007.

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