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Diabetes control in your pocket

Sixteen years ago, Dag Solberg (59) was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Stabilizing his blood sugar and dosing the right amount of insulin became a daily struggle. Now the postman has achieved good control – with the help of the Diabetes Diary app.

Read more 2014.02.26 by Annelill Bruun Flaamo

Blood pressure is not just blood pressure

How do health professionals use electronic patient records, support systems and nursing terminology in clinical practice? PhD candidate Rune Pedersen at NST has been conducting research on these questions.

Read more 2014.01.22 by Annelill Bruun Flaamo

Monika JohansenPatients' reports improve disease surveillance

Electronic self-reporting of symptoms has benefits for patients – and provides good data for disease surveillance, says researcher Monika A. Johansen.

Read more 2013.12.10 by Annelill Bruun Flaamo

Better treatment with smart telephone systems in hospitals

From four or five pagers beeping in your pocket - to one device that keeps track of duty schedules, responsibilities and zones.

For doctors and nurses in hospitals, a smart telephone system could improve communication in an ever more distracting world. A system with the potential to make a difference has been developed at the Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine (NST).

Read more 2013.12.06 by Annelill Bruun Flaamo

The medical check-up of the future will be a computing operation

The Norwegian financial daily Dagens Næringsliv has written about the use of algorithms in the public health service: Algorithms have made thousands of stockbrokers redundant. Soon it may be doctors' turn to end up on the sidelines, say enthusiasts.

Read more 2013.12.04 by Randi Laukli

The Diabetes Diary will soon be launched for the iPhone

For more than 400 hours, Stig “Jobs” Karlsen has been working energetically to make the Diabetes Diary available to iPhone users.

Read more 2013.11.29 by Randi Laukli

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